A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. A mentor gives you advice, feedback, clear guidance... on your marketing activities, 

A business coach helps entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals grow in a variety of ways. 

 A business coach helps business owners highlight their leadership, strength, reduce their weaknesses and establish a clear path that will help them make better business decisions and manifest their overall vision. A coach is a mentor. 

Working with a business coach or mentor is an exceptionally good decision. Today there are many business coaches and agencies that promise to offer business coaching to business owners. The right business coach will set you on a profitable path to success. Lots of them have online courses which they offer their students.  

To grow your business or achieve your goals you need a mentor or business coach that has succeeded in the field he claims to be a coach and works with him to copy his model and marketing strategy. To me working with a business coach that has had a business or is running a business is a big win. A business coach that has gone through the path of creating a successful business knows what you as a business owner is going through, knows the problems you encounter and has a “correct” solution since he has been through it himself. 

Important of having a coach 

  • You will have a clear vision of what success looks like and the steps to achieve it 
  • Greater self-awareness and a good mindset. 
  • Accountability and growth 
  • Increases individual performance, productivity, and confidence. 

 A good and serious business coach will have a website and social media presences. Visit his website to see his work and the free resources he provides, from there you will rate his level of seriousness and knowledge in his field. Some coaches have a program designed for all their clients, this is good if the coach clearly defines their niche, for example: handmade small business coach, startup product-based small business coach, service based small business coach, small business productivity coach, scaling small business coach. Don’t work with a coach that has a vague or large audience 

Business Coaching Program 

What to expect in a business coaching program: 

  • Guidance in definition long- and short-term goals 
  • Strategic planning for the growth and continues maintenances of your business 
  • Professional and tailored advice to help you gain valuable perspective. 
  • Accountability for reaching goals in your organization. 


Read reviews from the coaches' previous clients. Review help you know if the coach is serious, if he is real... Most customers share their experiences working with him so you have a little idea of who you will be working with. Some of those reviews are not true as people are paid to leave reviews on online businesses, some coaches can even ask friends to support them by leaving a review. Also, after a first meeting with a customer or signing the customer up, some coaches at the very first day ask customers to support them with a positive review thereby making customers rate them on the first day before really going through the program. 

Some coaches offer one-on-one coaching sessions and others offer group coaching. Group coach is less expensive and 1-on-1 coaching is expensive., decide on which to go for depends on your budget and goals  

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Online and local coaches 

We have online and local coaches  

Local coaches: Working with a local coach has lots of advantages as he is part of the community: 

  • Has a good knowledge of the market in that community. He will use his knowledge of the community to better assist you.  
  • Being a member of that community, he will advise you on whom you can partner or collaborate with.  
  • He will tell you about networking groups that can help your business, he will introduce and tell you about the networking groups around.  
  • The most important thing to me is that he will refer you to potential clients in your community. 


Online coaches: 

  • Working with an online coach: 
  • Gives you the flexibility 
  • You can create Schedule and share documents in digital form., here you don’t have to worry about missing information or a meeting 
  • It is cost effective as you choose to interact less frequently. 




Finding the right business coach is the best thing that can happen to a business owner. Yes, I am using the word “right” business coach because there are so many fake coaches out there who claim to be business coaches after having a failed business or study online (a crash course) or has one successive deal or have studied business in college. Someone that studies business in college is good as a manager for a ready-made business or an established business. Reality and what is studied are extremely different, college education will give you a straight line, but realty is a zigzag graph or a rough graph or a rise and fall graph...No matter what you do there must be periods of failure, which is part of learning, it is ok to Fall but do not stay down there. “Failure is part of Success.” 

Get the right business coach and let us make your vision a reality” 













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