A batch by definition is, arrange in sets or groups. Task batching is a productivity strategy that involves grouping similar tasks together to complete all at once. Task batching is a very good strategy as it allows our brains to focus on one thing at a time. As you focus on a group of task, you avoid thinking and working on other tasks that are not in that group. Scientist say it can take you about an average of 23mins to re-focus after a distraction. This techniques helps you save a lot of time and get things done fast. Task batching is a simple technique to help you get through your to do list and improve your time management.

A night before look at everything you have to do the next day and categorize task into similar groups. If you have to make phone calls, write down the names of those you have to call and the topic of discussion, same for emails, same for "in office' appointments and  same for "out of the office" appointments. Make all your phone calls at once, write or reply to all your emails at once, if you have office appointments make sure or try to schedule them all at once and do all your office appointments at once. If you have appointments out of the office first finish with all your offices assignments for the day and head for your "out of office" appointments. This way you save a lot of time and get a lot done.

Organize yourself,  prepare your monthly and weekly "to do list' with deadlines. When scheduling your "in office" and "out of office" appointments try to schedule them in a continuous line of similar task. If possible try to schedule all your appointments after doing some office work.

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Always prepare your day the previous night before you go to bed, at night write down your schedule for the next day taking into consideration your important tasks and deadline from your monthly and weekly "to do List".  This will help you know what you have to work on the next day and also while you are asleep your subconscious is working on it. Also when you get up in the morning you go straight to work and not trying to figure out what you have to do.

Some of the benefits of task batching.

  1. It helps you to concentrate and focus which will help you product quality work.
  2. Saves time and minimizes procrastination
  3. It decreases burnout

Controlling our daily schedule can be very difficult as there are always unexpected happening like email flooding in, urgent meetings, unexpected phone calls etc...this is why time management techniques have become very popular in recent years. To be able to meet up with our goals we have to implement certain techniques, time blocking is one of them.


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Time blocking or time batching is setting aside specific periods for certain tasks and sticking to them until they are complete or it is scheduling specific blocks of time in your day to focus on work. Time blocking is a management system that breaks your day into finite units. The length of time you allocate is up to you. You can block an hour every morning to study, block an hour to write emails, block an hour to make calls...Task batching and time blocking help increase your productivity, much is done in a less amount of time.

Task batching is the grouping of similar task into one designated time period. To read more about task batch, click on this link below


Once you have group similar task together give yourself enough time to complete the tasks all at once. An easy way of doing time blocking effectively is to use a calendar. Color code your blocks of time can help you better understand how you are spending your day at a glance. Use different colors for different events so with a far or quick glance you know how your day looks like. For example a different color for meetings, appointments, emails etc. When creating your time blocks don't forget to put team meetings, downtime, time off and lunch break. Let your team members know that time blocking technique isn't making you unavailable, it is for them to know when it is best to reach you so they will have your undivided attention.

Some tips to considered when starting Time blocking technique:

  1. Use our "to do list" to sheet to write down all your daily tasks putting the important priorities once at the top.
  2. Determine which is urgent and needs to be done before a certain time.
  3. Don't forget your lunch time and leisure time and off time.

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You can use a calendar app of your choice for time blocking. You can block time directly on your app. Calendar tools and app usually come with deadline and reminder tools which can be of great help to you. Also you can get a desktop calendar so you can write on it and color your different block events.

Time blocking technique is a technique that helps everyone achieve more within a day. Design yours and start saving time and  getting all your work done on time.

Thank you all so much for reading

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