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We help product-based small business owners increase their productivity personally and professionally. Our role is to work with our clients to :

  • Develop plans based on goals, give clarity on what crucial( Priorities),
  • Guide in defining objectives of client goals,
  • We help you maintain work-life balance, 
  • We teach you how to multitask which increase your performance,
  • We help you increase profit, 

Our Coaching Program include:

  1. Support and encourage 
  2. Accountability partner.
  3. Habit Finding and implementation: We work with you to develop better habits and proper time management. We will work together to find a strategy that works for you.
  4. Organize: Help you stay Organize
  5. Priority List: We list your priorities with your goals in mind, come out with a personalize timetable consisting of daily, weekly and monthly activities and deadline for each task to be accomplish. Every week we design a timetable for you. Prioritize your market strategy and how we support you to reach your goals
  6. Video Call (Optional): One hour video call to help you master your presentation.(once a week).
  7. Phone Call: One hour Weekly call at the start of the week
  8. Tracker: We monitor your business activities, design a tracker for your activities..

We will make available personalize digital materials like: 

  •  Planner
  • Goal Planners
  • worksheets
  • challenge sheets
  • Tracker.


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